Judith and Malaika

"I came to Australia 12 years ago to study. I had a great childhood - we used to play in the mud, climb trees, roll around on the floor all the time. We didn’t have TV, computer games and all these things. We used our imagination, we made our own footballs and our own dolls. My kids growing up here will miss some of those things.

My Mother had a big family around to help, always lots of cousins and aunties there to take care of us, which I don’t have. That makes things harder. But I look back at how I was raised and bring that experience to how I raise my own children. Respect is so important. We have a huge responsibility as a Mother - we only have one chance and we have to do our best. There is no ‘do over’.

Motherhood is harder than I thought. I wouldn’t apply for the job if I were to be paid for it... but I can do it for free!

I want my children to find that special something that makes them happy - their passion - that’s all I need for them in life.”